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Thank you for the way you handled my
microwave repair. I can see you are in
business to build relationships and can
look past the short term. I will not hesitate
to refer you to my friends and family.

Trudy M.
Thank you again for your helpfulness. We
certainly recommend the quality and
helpfulness of your work and the integrity
of the way you do it, every chance we get.

Katie O.
Monthly Tip  
Cleaning out the lint build up inside your
dryer is very important.  The accumulation
of lint can catch fire and spread to your
home. The lint will also act as insulation
on your motor and cause premature
failure.  All dryers and there vents should
be cleaned at least once a year. Doing
this will keep your family safe and your
dryer operating.
If your washer will not stop filling then its likely a stuck water valve.  If a
valve sticks open, the water will not stop filling even if you unplug the
machine.  The only way to get it to stop is to turn the water off to machine.
If you press in the timer to the off position and water stops then its most
likely not the water valve. Heres how you change the water inlet valve.

Let's get started.

1.  First thing you always do before working on an appliance is unplug it
from the electric outlet.  Shut off the hot and cold water supply as well and
remove the hot and cold washer hoses from water valve on washer.  Have
a towel handy for water from hoses.

2.  Locate the console and remove the two phillips head screws.  Most
models have them in the front, bottom of the console.  In some of the
newer models they are located in the back, bottom of the console.  Some
washers require you to remove two end caps on the console to access the

3.  After you remove the two screws, slide the console slightly forward and
then up. The console will then hinge to the back of the washer.

4.  Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the two clips holding the back of
the washer to the outer shell of the washer.

5.  Disconnect the lid switch harness.

6.  You can now pull the outer shell away from the washer.  Do this by
grasping the outer shell (I open the lid and grab it there.) and tilt the shell
forward (toward you) and out.   The shell is now removed and you can see
the tub.  Be careful not to bend the outside walls of the shell when
removing and setting aside.  This will help greatly when reinstalling the

7. You now have easy access to the water inlet valve.  Remove the screws
securing the valve to back panel.  Screw are located on the back side of
back panel.  Once you have screws removed, you can now pulled valve
away from back panel.  Remove both harness connectors on valve(or
wires).  Take note now which wires go on what solenoid for reassembly.  
Use pliers to remove inlet tube from water inlet valve and now valve is free.

11. Install new valve in reverse order. Reassemble washer.  Turn water
back on and plug in.  Always check for leaks after operating washer.

*Note-  It's always a good idea to replace your washer hoses as needed or
every 5 years.  If there are any bulges or corrosion on your hoses, then
now is the time to replace them.  Don't wait till you come home to several
inches of water and buckled floors.  I suggest the stainless steel braided
:: Whirlpool Washer- Washer Won't Stop Filling ::
Please remember that working on appliances can be dangerous.  Appliances have many
mechanical and electrical parts that can cause serious injury and death.  If you aren't familiar
with these types of applications then please call a qualified appliance technician. Lane
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Water Inlet Valve
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