Motor couplings are only installed in design 2000 Whirlpool manufactured
washers beginning in the late 1980's to present. The motor coupling is a
very common repair with the Whirlpool manufactured washer.  These
machines have no belt and instead have a motor coupling.  The coupling
is installed between the motor and gearbox coupling them together thus
the name motor "coupling".  If your washer doesn't agitate or spin then its
very likely that its a bad coupling.  If it spins but wont agitate or agitates
and wont spin (still with me?) then I would look for a different problem.

Let's get started.

1.  First thing you always do before working on an appliance is unplug it
from the electric outlet.  I also recommend shutting off the hot and cold
water supply but its not mandatory.

2.  Locate the console and remove the two phillips head screws.  Most
models have them in the front, bottom of the console.  In some of the
newer models they are located in the back, bottom of the console.  Some
washers require you to remove two endcaps on the console to access the

3.  After you remove the two screws, slide the console slightly forward and
then up. The console will then hinge to the back of the washer.

4.  Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the two clips holding the back of
the washer to the outer shell of the washer.

5.  Disconnect the lid switch harness.

6.  You can now pull the outer shell away from the washer.  Do this by
grasping the outer shell (I open the lid and grab it there.) and tilt the shell
forward (toward you) and out.   The shell is now removed and you can see
the tub.  Be careful not to bend the outside walls of the shell when
removing and setting aside.  This will help greatly when reinstalling the

7.  With the shell removed we are now ready to remove the motor.  Start
by removing the wire  harness from the motor.  Use care with the plastic
clip holding the harness to the motor.  If there is a capacitor present,  
carefully remove the 2 wires without touching the capacitor terminals.   
Use an insulated screwdriver to remove the charge from the capacitor(Do
this by touching both capacitor terminals with the screwdriver).  It may arc
and snap if theres a charge left.  This is normal.  Please take care around
the capacitor because they can cause serious injury or death.

8.  Now we have all the electrical disconnected.  Next we will remove the 2
screws holding the motor retainer clips to the motor.  Once you remove
those then you insert a flat head screwdriver under the clip and pop it off
the motor.  I suggest removing the bottom first.

9.  Once the clips are removed the motor can now be removed.  You can
now see the broken coupling.  Usually one or more of the  3 teeth are
missing.  Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the plastic coupling from
the motor and transmission.  Take care when removing it from the motor
so you don't damage the motor bearings.

10. To install the new coupling.  Use a 1/2" nut driver or deep socket and
a  hammer . When the shaft is flush with the coupling then that's on far
enough.  Place the rubber part of the coupling on the plastic part on
transmission.  Align the motor up and reinstall.  This part can be a little
tricky and take several attempts.  DON'T FORCE IT!

11. Reassemble washer.  Turn water back on and plug in.  Check for spin
and agitate.  
:: Whirlpool Washer- Motor Coupling ::
Please remember that working on appliances can be dangerous.  Appliances have many
mechanical and electrical parts that can cause serious injury and death.  If you aren't familiar
with these types of applications then please call a qualified appliance technician. L & A
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