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Thank you for the way you handled my
microwave repair. I can see you are in
business to build relationships and can to
refer you to my friends and family.

Trudy M.
Thank you again for your helpfulness. We
certainly recommend the quality and
helpfulness of your work and the integrity
of the way you do it, every chance we get.

Katie O.
Monthly Tip  
Cleaning out the lint build up inside your
dryer is very important.  The accumulation
of lint can catch fire and spread to your
home. The lint will also act as insulation
on your motor and cause premature
failure.  All dryers and there vents should
be cleaned at least once a year. Doing
this will keep your family safe and your
dryer operating.
If your dryer makes a loud buzz when you try to start it and then it wont start,
it's possibly a bad motor.

Other things it could be:

1. Drum is getting jammed.

2. Drum support is locked up.

3. Something fell into lint chute and jammed the blower wheel and
motor(Very Common).

4. Bad timer.

Those are just a few other possibilities  that could cause these symptoms.  
Better to check for all before replacing a motor.

To access the motor, follow these steps.

Unplug the electric for the dryer.

On most models start by raising the top of the dryer.  Raising the top can be
accomplished by removing the 2 screws under the lint filter.  After the screws
are removed grasp the top on the sides with both hands and pull forward
and up.  The top will then hinge to the back.

First verify that the front panel is all one panel or two panels.  If it is two
panels then you will have to start by removing the bottom panel.  This can
be accomplished by pulling on the sides of both panels until it flips down or
inserting a putty knife into the top of the lower panel on both sides to
release the retaining clips.  If your dryer is the type with the top retaining
clips then be careful not to pull on the sides as this will damage the top
retaining clips.

Now that the lower panel is removed you will have to remove the 2 screws at
the top of the upper panel and loosen the 2 screws at the bottom of the
upper panel.  Remove the wire harness or terminal leads to free top panel
from dryer.  Be careful to properly mark the wires so you install them
correctly when reassembling.

If your model is just one front panel then you just remove the 2 top screws,
remove wires or harness, and lift panel up and away from dryer.  Now you  
remove the belt from the dryer by putting tension on the idler and removing
belt from motor pulley.

Remove drum now by lifting slightly and pulling forward.  The motor is now

Remove motor by placing an adjusting wrench on the blower wheel and a
second wrench(or channel Locks) on the motor pulley.  Turn motor shaft
clockwise to free motor from blower wheel.

Suggestion:  Make sure wrench is snug on plastic blower wheel or it will strip.
 Sometimes it strips no matter what and you have to access rear of dryer
and blower wheel to remove.  In a few cases the blower wheel has to be
destroyed to remove and replaced.

Hopefully the blower wheel came off easy for you. Now remove the 2 retainer
clips with a long flat blade screwdriver(Or an Allen Bar.  It is designed
specifically for this job and is very useful.)

Remove the wires , or the harness, connected to the motor.  Make sure you
keep record of the wire positions.  Motor will now wiggle out.

Replace motor if needed and reassemble.
Please remember that working on appliances can be dangerous.  Appliances have many mechanical
and electrical parts that can cause serious injury and death.  If you aren't familiar with these types of
applications then please call a qualified appliance technician. Lane Appliance LLC and this site
accept no responsibility for injuries to person or damage to appliances.
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