:: Whirlpool Refrigerator 2002 Optics Diagnostic Procedure ::
Step #                        Status LED                        Possible Causes                        Action

1. Open the freezer door and  
view the diagnostics "status" led.                       


A. Two pulses followed by a one
    second delay and repeats.
B.  No lamp.
The flapper door is blocking the beam.


The optics are faulty
Ice maker is in the harvest mode.


Faulty status LED
Go to step 2


Go to step 2
Press the freezer door switch.  When the Ice maker is in
the harvest mode, the status LED will flash once every

Replace the receiver board.
Press in the emitter flapper
door to unblock the optics
A. Two pulses followed by A one   
     second delay and repeats.


b. LED is on steady.
The optics are faulty.


The optics are working properly.
Replace the emitter and receiver boards.


Close the freezer door.
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Component Diagnostics Mode
::  Follow steps one through twelve to set the Ice maker for the test.

::  Ice maker control on the freezer wall must be in the "on" position.

::  Ice bin must be in the door and ice level below the sensor openings.

::  Ice maker must be in harvest immediately after the water fill.
1.  Unplug refrigerator.

2.  Slide Ice maker out and remove the plastic module cover.

3.  Use an insulated jumper wire and jump "T" to "H" marked on the
module.  This will bypass the thermostat and start A harvest.

4.  Plug in refrigerator.

5.  Close the freezer door and the harvest will begin in 5 seconds.

6.  Open the freezer door.  You should see the forks in the Ice maker
moving.  If not then check the ice maker.  Unplug refrigerator.

7.  Remove the jumper wire before the forks get to the 10 o'clock position.
 Reinstall Ice maker.

8.  Plug in refrigerator.

9.  Listen for the water fill and unplug the refrigerator immediately after the

10.  Keep freezer door closed and plug refrigerator back in.

11.  Wait 5 seconds to A maximum of 50 seconds, open the freezer door
and watch the LED.

- 4 pulses, repeated once, indicates A failed relay.  Replace optics boards.

- 3 pulses, repeated once, indicates optics and relay are good but, Ice
maker is not being sensed/will not operate.  Check Ice maker components.
 Also check circuit and connections back to the receiver board and neutral.

- 2 pulses, repeated once, indicate the optics are failed.  Replace optics

- Steady light for 5 seconds indicates the relay and optics are good, and
the receiver senses the ice maker.

- No light.  Unplug refrigerator for 5 seconds and repeat test.
Information used from Whirlpool instruction sheet 4389114 03/02
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